I just really have to say this.

You fans are seriously ridicious.

It’s okay to be passionate about two characters you enjoy, interacting with eachother. It’s even okay, to say sarcastic remarks about the ones you don’t like or whom you don’t ship!

But seriously … .

Y’all act like Stefan and Damon are too REAL people. THEY’RE FICTIONAL! Hello! Meaning fake, they’re controlled by someone elses writing! If their character goes to hell, or makes a mistake - it’s not PAULS or IANS or NINAS fault. It’s Julie Plec, along with all the other people working on the show!

Like you dipshits, you says Stefan could of saved ELENA and MATT at the same time? Of course, he COULD OF done that! But obviously Julie, didn’t want things to go that way. Correct? So tossing ALL that hate at Stefan? Is really fucking retarded. Julie Plec, saying Damon is going to be pissed off, because Stefan didn’t save Elena? Excuse me? That’s just some more bullshit piled on top of Stefan. Damon wasn’t there! He doesn’t know what Stefan was going through. What Elena was telling him to do! Stefan always values Elena’s opinions, and morals, allowing her to make her own decisions! He isn’t trying to control every move she makes! He isn’t trying to take her free will away from her! Damon does that. Tries to do that.

I’m not even hating on Damon. I use to be parted between Delena and Stelena during the first two seasons. But Damon is selfish, when it comes to Elena. Yeah he wants to protect her, love her, care for her. But damn you have to let a woman breathe, make her mistakes, and learn from them!

Tossing hate at the actors and actresses in real life is pathetic! You want to bitch the writers out over twitter? Go for it. They’re the one that writes the scenes and directs them.

I could continue, but I’m not even going there. End of this rant.